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Messages from our Diocesan Association Director

New Year message from the Director

January 5, 2015

Brother Knights,

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2015. May you enjoy a happy and healthy new year.  Thought the year, may you grow in your faith and in your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, to serve him and our neighbour in need. The Knights of Columbus can provide through our fraternity of Catholic men and
Fr. Michael McGivney’s vision and opportunity for each and all of us to realize all these hopes. Best wishes!

In a few short weeks our Association holds its Annual Diocesan Association Meeting on Saturday January 17 at Regiopolis Notre-Dame Catholic High School, 130 Russell St., Kingston. Knight’s from all across our archdiocese will meet, network, fraternalise with one another. Come and hear the recent activates and upcoming events in your association. Hear Archbishop O’Brien’s personal message to all members in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Hear special reports from several directors, districts, youth activity chairman and more. Nominate and elect the officers to lead the association for the coming fraternal year.  And enjoy a fine lunch and take the opportunity to network with and know other members, members from other councils, members who perhaps you do not often get an opportunity to talk with.

Registration begins at 8:45 am and the meeting starts at 9:30 am. A fine lunch (free) at noon is followed by some and more reports and business. The meeting should be over at 2pm. And you return home.

Every council and assembly should be represented. In fact all member knights are welcome. Tell you Grand Knight you wish to go, better yet why not invite to drive him and some brother knights too.

Brothers,  I’d love to see many of you again and meet some more knights that  I have not gotten to know. Look me up and say hello.


William Coppens, Diocesan Director
Diocesan Association of the Archdiocese of Kingston

Message from the Diocesan Director

Brother Knights,                                                                                                                          Nov. 2014

Today I am very pleased to be addressing you through our new Diocesan Association’s website. I believe the website will better serve our member knights from our twenty-six member councils and five assemblies across our Archdiocese of Kingston and will be a useful resource to all. The website will help you see what is happening not only in our association but also our districts, councils, parishes, assemblies and youth activities.  It can better unite and bring us together in support of our church, our archbishop, our organization and one another.

I invite you to check out the features of the new website frequently, keep abreast of upcoming events, activities, degrees and chair reports. Use it for easy access to many useful web links to our church, State, Supreme, and other councils and other organization websites.  The website is new and we expect to make improvements on it over time.

I wish to thank our dedicated webmaster, Ray Smith, who has put great time and effort to developing us a great website. Great job Ray! The website is still in development and open to improvements. If you have a comment or idea to improving it, please  contact Ray or myself.

This year, my first as your director, has been an active and rewarding time.

  • We have held two Diocesan Meetings in which His Grace Archbishop O’Brien addressed us, thanked us for our support and work and gave us good insight into what is happening throughout our archdiocese and gave us direction into ways we can support our parishes, our clergy and church.
  • In June we held our Annual Training Day in which forty-one members attended to received training in a variety of key officer roles.
  • In August Council 6882 in Morrisburg hosted a very successful Annual Diocesan Association Seminarian Dinner to honour and thank our current group of seminarians advancing to bring our future priests.
  • In September we attended a training meeting in Toronto to learn about a new State Training Program developed for all diocesan associations and zones to implement. The new program is excellent and will provide all officers of councils and assemblies a clear understanding of their role and provide skills to make great teams and strong councils. Associations are now actively hosting the new training seminars. Our association formed a committee led by our Training Director, Garry Davis and, Benefits Agent, Stephen Henderson to prepare and run our first new training seminar on June 20, 2015 in Kingston. I ask every Grand Knight to instruct all your officers both new officers and experienced officers to circle and save this date on their calendars and plan to attend the seminar.  I assure you, all who attend will like it. Officer training is vital to our organization and the health of all councils so that our officers know their roles, are comfortable in their roles and are given the tools and skills to grow strong councils.
  • During this year I talked to all District Deputies and many other knights about what they feel the diocesan association does, what we can do better for its members, and how do we increase member participation.  I took their comment seriously and found a common thread. I learned that many members do not fully understand the role and purpose of the Diocesan Association and how it is relevant to tem.  To improve this, we launched a new Diocesan Association website to better support and communicate with our members. Also I am attending as many district meetings as I can to meet more of you and underscore what our association does.

Brother Knights, I further look forward to seeing representatives from all councils and assemblies at our Annual DA Meeting planned for Saturday, January 17, 2015 at Regiopolis Notre Dame Secondary School, Kingston. Do plan to attend and bring at least two members from your council who can vote (2 votes /council) in the election of officers to our association executive for the year.  In closing please feel free to contact me if you have a question or something to discuss or contribute.


William Coppens
The Archdiocese of Kingston Diocesan Association