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Columbian Squires reports

Columbian Squires Report

    I am very grateful to have the opportunity to write an article about the Columbian Squires for the Diocesan Website. The Columbian Squires were founded in 1923 by the supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus. The original idea of the Squires were “ If the Knights of Columbus will take care of the growing boy, then the boy grown into manhood will take care of not only the Knights of Columbus , but of the Church and the nation as well’’. These words ring true even today. People wonder what our youth want in the modern world, what we can do to keep them in the Church and know what they want.

    I have found through the Squires that they want what they always wanted: structure, and the ability to control what they do with a guiding hand, friendship and understanding. The Columbian Squires allow them to accomplish all of this through its program. The Squires run their meetings; they decide what they do, how they do it and when. As a counselor our role is to help achieve this not by doing the work for them or to stop them from trying things. If they try and fail we use it as a learning experience, “how could we do it better” that way we all learn. They have fun learning about their faith with the help of our Father Prior. Each and every Councilor must have a back ground check through our state board. The Columbian Squires is a tried and true organization that works in any community no matter how big or small.

    I am the Area Chairman for South Eastern Ontario and my job consists of visiting Councils in my area to help them start Circles and help those circles who are running if they need any advice. There has been a study done that proves the direct link between the success of the Squires and that of Councils. Back in the 80’s when there were a large amount of Circles in Ontario we had the largest increase in membership. I am available any time to talk to a Council about how to start a Squire’s Circle, what is needed and how to go about it. I will work with any Council to who wishes to start a Circle.

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My Contact information is: # 613-969-9506 or

Gus Morrissey
Area Chairman
Chief Councilor
#418 St. Michael’s