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Substance Abuse poster contest


Diocesan (Region #5) Chairman: William Coppens

         Many councils across Ontario and in our archdiocese have sponsored annually a Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest (Poster Contest) in local schools and have had fun doing it and experienced the appreciation from students, teachers and schools participating.  A result is many councils have expanded their Poster Contest program to more local schools and are finding the program an excellent way to support our youth and promote excellent relations with our local schools; relations that often lead to other activities which schools welcome council’s help.

The Poster Contest involves our knights providing teachers in a school the rules and art paper for students to do a piece of art with a logo on it that pertains to one of two categories of substance abuse, i.e. Alcohol Abuse Awareness or Drug Abuse Awareness.  The sponsor council collects the posters and judges them selecting four winners, two student winners, one from each of the two poster theme categories and two student winners from each of two ages groups ages 8 to 11 and 12 to 14, and presents the winners an award certificate.

The winning posters from each council contest next go to the next contest level, the district judging contest, which chooses district poster winners. The district winners advance to a diocesan or regional contest, whose winners advance to a state contest, whose winners advance to the final international contests.

Contact your District Deputy regarding the information on the District level contests.

For our Region or Diocesan level competition the District Deputies are to send their district winning posters and district contest report to .Coppens Academy, attention: William Coppens, 672 Golden Mile Rd., Kingston, ON., K7M 6K6, before February 13, 2015.

Contest history has shown several winners from our diocese have won at state and international levels and have annually shown remarkable artwork and logos from the students.  Also teachers and schools who have previously participated in the contest happily sign on the program the following year underscoring the value they see in this program for youth.

If you have not yet established a Poster Contest in a school near your council, do consider doing so this year. It is simple and easy. Here is how to get started.

  • A council decides to host a Poster Contest and orders a poster kit from Supreme which outlines the rules and instructions of the contest. Do this in August or September.
  • A council representative visits a local school explaining the contest gets a commitment they will participate in the poster contest in one or more classes. Do this early in September or October.
  • Provide the teacher with all instructions, registration sheets and rules and provide the
    11 X 14 inch art paper.
    Make things easy for the teacher supplying sufficient forms and paper.
  • Follow up the contest artwork progress with the school. Give a pick-up-date i.e. in mid-December
  • Collect and conduct the judging following the contest rules and guidelines. Do this in early January
  • Following the contest rules and guidelines, councils will collect, judge their posters by January 14, 2015 and submit the winning posters to the district level completion. They should award council winner certificates by month’s end.
  • District level completions are to be completed by January 31, 2015 and the winning posters submitted for the regional completion.
  • Regional level completions are to be completed by February 14, 2015 and wining posters submitted for the state level poster completion.

Brothers, this is a great program for councils to help youth and support our teachers and schools. Do get a Poster Contest going in your area, this year.  Contact me if you have questions or talk to a council who has participated.

This entry was updated on January 6, 2015.