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October 17, 2016

Diocesan Training Director / Trustee Report 2016-2017 – S/K Garry Davis

One of the most important things that an Executive Member of a Council or Assembly has to deal with, is that he have an in-depth understanding of his responsibilities in whichever position he has been elected or appointed to. We as one of the many Diocesan Associations in this province have been given that training task by Ontario State Council. It has always been my goal, along with the presenters, to offer those in attendance at our Training Seminars, the very best coverage of each Officer’s role in the process of properly dealing with their respective duties thereby benefitting their Council or Assembly. How well Officers are able to apply this training will affect recruitment, retention, and the overall membership. If the only thing that a Council or Assembly can offer their members is monthly meetings it won’t be long that they will no longer be able to exist. So it can’t be understated that a healthy, robust activity program, coordinated by the Officers making up the Executive is very important for retaining members and the recruitment of new members. When I joined this Order back in 1995, if the only thing that my Council offered was meetings, I wouldn’t have joined. This is not what the Knights are all about.

Each year on the 3rd Saturday of June, in this case June 17th 2017, a Training Seminar is offered to the elected and appointed Officers of the 25 Councils and 5 Assemblies that are part of this Association. Our main problem at the Training Seminars is attendance. Out of a possible 300 or more Officers, we are lucky to get 40 or 50 Officers in attendance. This is very frustrating because a lot of time, money, and effort goes into the preparation and training program that is offered. So whenever this date comes up, I would ask Grand Knights and Faithful Navigators to seriously consider getting their newly elected or appointed Officers, to attend our Seminar. It will help your Council or Assembly to have a very successful fraternal year in Membership and Retention. Along with that, financially you will be more prosperous which in turn will help you meet your charitable obligations.

On the 3rd Saturday of January 2017, is our next Diocesan Association Meeting to be held at
St. Mary’s Parish Centre, 260 Brock St, Kingston.  During that meeting, the election of Diocesan Association Officers for the fraternal year 2017-2018 will occur. It is my intention to step down as the Diocesan Training-Trustee Director at that time. I have been elected to the Training Director/Trustee position for many years so I’m hoping that someone will step up to the plate and take over this position on July 1st, 2017. I will be there to help anyone who accepts the nomination. As well, if they wish to have me continue as the presenter for Program Directors or take a part in the Mock meeting, I will make myself available. Wishing all of you the very best.

Vivat Jesus