District Deputy, District 30

Rideau Lakes

District Deputy Dan O’Neil Dean
Rideau Council No. 2444, Smiths Falls
Perth Council No. 3531, Perth
Dr. J.F. Dunn Council No. 5153, Carleton Place
Holy Cross Council No. 5333, Kemptville


A Message from the District  Deputy

 This article was published on Dec 09, 2015 in the Carleton Place Almonte Canadian Gazette.

Ladies remain key in success of
Knights of Columbus charitable functions


Submitted photo
Above, members of the Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Assembly.

Charitable fraternity

Charity, unity and fraternity are the founding principles of the Knights of Columbus and our venerable founder, Father Michael J. McGivney started our order on March 29, 1882 and is in the process of being Canonized at this time. The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Fraternity of men worldwide.

The Ladies of our Councils and Assemblies are instrumental and remain key in the success of all community/parish Knights of Columbus charitable functions and drives in all their respective communities, in both the 3rd Degree Councils and 4th Degree Assemblies and throughout our Order.
A Council consists of Catholic men who have progressed through the 1st-2nd to 3rd Degree status of our Order. By choice a 3rd Degree Knight can then attain 4th Degree status. The 4th Degree is the highest degree of the order of Knights of Columbus. A Knight is eligible to join the 4th Degree after completing the first, second and third degrees of the order and is thereafter referred to as Sir Knight.
The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to encourage active Catholic citizenship, in addition to the order’s three basic tenets. They are often referred to as the ‘visible arm of the Knights,’ due to the wearing of regalia (naval chapeau, sword, cape, etc.) in parades and social events and on more somber occasions such as funerals, whereby we honour the passing of a fellow Knight and pay our respects to the surviving family members.

A 4th Degree Assembly consists of an elected panel of executive officers installed annually, and a Worthy Friar (Parish Priest) and fellow Sir Knights. Our District #30 – 4th Degree Assembly (Archbishop J.L Wilhelm Assembly 2783 – currently with more than 150 active 4th Degree members) exists primarily because of the efforts of Knights such as: (current) Territory Warden (past Master) Tony Noonan, former Worthy Master Dick Cordick, Sir Knight Doctor JEM St. Rose, Past District Deputy Joe MacEachern, and Sir Knight George St. Denis, to name but a few. There were 56 original charter members when the Archbishop J.L Wilhem Assembly 2783 began in 2003.

Some examples of how the Knights are important to a parish/community are: consistently supporting our priests and parishes; meeting the needs of those in our community that require our assistance such as our Coats for Kids and Food for Families and food bank donations, etc. by raising funds for programs that benefit people with disabilities such as the (Perth) Special Olympics (led by Perth Grand Knight Pat Loftus) and the Arthritis Association; aiding victims of natural disasters and catastrophic events both locally and worldwide; by donating wheelchairs and mobility aids to those in need; visiting the sick and needy in our community, to name but a few of our endeavours.
Charity is the first principle of the Knights of Columbus and to date we have worldwide donated more than $1.4 billion and more than 664 million volunteer hours in the past decade alone. There are more than 56,000 Knights in Ontario Canada alone, and more than 1.8 million Knights worldwide. There are more than 335,000 4th Degree Sir Knights worldwide.

Some famous Knights have included: US President John F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Babe Ruth, Floyd Patterson, Vince Lombardi and Sargent Shriver to name but a few. Our Knights of Columbus Insurance program has more than $100 billion of policies in force, backed up by $19.8 billion in assets, and holds the highest insurance ratings given by A.M. Best and Standards & Poor’s and the Insurance Standards Association.
The Knights of Columbus is open to all Catholic men 18 years of age and older. We encourage all Catholic men to join/inquire about joining the Knights of Columbus through your local Perth Council (GK Pat Loftus) or council(s) in Smiths Falls (GK Peter Merkley), Carleton Place (GK Dwayne King), Kemptville (GK Jean Leclair), all of the aforementioned belong to Kingston Diocese, or ask any Knights of Columbus member. You can also check your local Parish bulletins for a contact person, or your Parish Priest who invariably is a Knight.

Submitted by Knights of Columbus District #30 District Deputy Dan Dean, PGK PFN  State Chair KCIC Campaign– Vivat Jesus.


Presentation of the Star Council Award
This picture was taken December 9th, 2015 at Kemptville Holy Cross Council # 5333, pictured DD Daniel Dean District # 30 and DKG Todd Fortin (standing in for absent GK Jean Leclair) of Council # 5333.